ORR Personal Promotion

ORR Personal Promotion
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$1,000 per month.

This is the highest service which the ORR can provide to for any business.  ORR Personal Promotion (ORRPP) is not available to every ORR business.  This special ORR service is available only for businesses which are uncommon in the nature of the services or products it provides.  

For instance, it is not available to promote a law firm because there are many well qualified law firms in the ORR.  We will not continually personally promote one law firm over the other law firms.  A Black ownealarm monitoing business is an example of a business which is uncommon in the nature of the services and products.  Such a business qualifies for pesonal promotion because there are only a few.  Similarly banks, movies, plays, and songs others.

On every possible occasion, the ORR will personally promote the business which has this service. 

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Price $1,000.00