Faye Raye - I've Got A Story To Tell

Faye Raye - I've Got A Story To Tell
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Listen to this evolving mixture of all the timeless elements in American music funneled into a tornado of "Soultry", throaty heart searching warmth.

Faye Raye's stamp is undeniably the voice of our time packaged in a new genre. It is unhampered by the box that previous commercial musical endeavors have locked our expectations into, and thus loaded the market with the sound-a-likes. Faye Raye is Real, Raw, and on Point. Listen outside the box to a New Face with a New Sound introducing a New Genre, "Inspirational Soul". This Singer, Song Writer & Guitarist is singing your life's moments and you've been here before. It's not Deja Vu, it's all the things we've been through but new. Enjoy.

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