Conductor Ad 2 - Double Deluxe 1/2 Page

Conductor Ad 2 - Double Deluxe 1/2 Page
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  • Item #: 00607DD
The Premium Promotion leverages the Conductor's attractive, colorful format along with the ORR's high-impact delivery of your important branding message.

The illustration shows how the Premium Promotion is always only ad on the back page, which it will often share with a single inspiring feature, so that your message is not lost in a welter of other voices.

At the rate of only $1,500 per issue, the Conductor's Half Page Promotion is a great opportunity at an incredibly low price.

All ad prices are for camera-ready digital copy in .PDF or other compatible format. In-house graphic design is available at a modest additional charge to assist you in developing your ad copy.
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Price $1,250.00